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Real Estate Quick Facts

Classes of property

Class 1: Intangible property, products and agricultural equipment

Class 2: Owner occupied residential property and agricultural land

Class 3: Commercial property and personal vehicles in un-incorporated areas

Class 4: Commercial property and personal vehicles in incorporated areas





Owners Title Insurance

Title Insurance is the only complete protection

against the total or partial failure of a title

Through selective title review and underwriting procedures, P.C.T.I.A makes the additional closing requirements that are not part of a typical closing procedure.  This process provides additional security that your valued asset is protected.  Many Lenders require title insurance on their loans.  Shouldn’t a home buyer require title insurance  as well on their investment?

Call and ask about individual and simultaneous policies.  Title insurance is a one-time premium that is generally collected at closing.

Give us a call and ask how simple it is to fully protect yourself against title loss!

Here are some hidden risks which would not be disclosed by even the most meticulous search of public records:

* False impersonation of the true owner of the title

* Forged deeds, releases, etc...

* Instruments executed under expired of fabricated power of attorney

* Deeds delivered after the death of grantor or without consent

* Undisclosed or missing heirs

* Misinterpretation of wills

* Deeds by minors, aliens or people of unsound mind

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